1 (60 to 100-pound) dressed pig*
Coarse salt
60 pounds charcoal briquettes, divided

  • A live pig weighing 90 to 130 pounds will dress out a carcass approximately the desired weight. (Dressed means that the pig is prepared for pig pickin cooking. Do not remove the skin.)


Split open the whole dressed pig and butterfly (split the backbone to allow the pig to lay flat, being careful not to pierce the skin). Trim and discard any excess fat (excess fat may cause a flare-up during cooking). Sprinkle the cavity with salt, cover, and let pig sit overnight.

  1. Place 20 pounds of charcoal in the barbecue pit or pig cooker (add charcoal as needed during cooking process).

  2. Pour charcoal lighter fluid on the briquettes and ignite. Let the charcoal burn until a fine white ash covers the briquettes.

  3. Place a heavy gauge wire screen or rack about a foot above the coals.

  4. Place butterflied pig on rack (skin side up) and season with additional salt.

  5. Close lid of the cooker.

Raise temperature of cooker slowly. It should take up to 3 hours to get external temperature to 200 degrees F. (meat will crust over if temperature is too high). Let external temperature rise to 250 degrees F. Carefully watch the temperature to maintain the 250 degrees F. external temperature.

Cook approximately 7 to 8 hours or until the internal temperature of the pig reaches 170 degrees F.

When done, turn pig over (skin side down) and spread with your favorite sauce. Cover and cook an additional 1 hour until skin is crisp. Remove from cooker.

Slice or chop the meat or allow guests to pull meat from the bones. Serve with additional Sauce.

Add your own delicious sauce recipe for an amazing pig pickin’ experience.

Guide for your next pig-pickin'.

80 lbs. dressed pig = approximately 30 lbs. cooked, chopped pork

100 lbs. dressed pig = approximately 45 lbs. cooked, chopped pork

125 lbs. dressed pig = approximately 55 lbs. cooked, chopped pork

150 lbs. dressed pig = approximately 65 lbs. cooked, chopped pork